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Clerks III - Veronica

Witchula - Veronica Maleva

Dracula’s War - Detective Jekyll


Talent Agent - Personal Appearance
ZSC Entertainment
Juliette Terzieff

Jennifer Wolfson
Marilyn Ghigliotti
Acting Niche
Clashing of Ideologies, Cultures and Belief Systems

President Alma Coin in Hunger Games  Mocking Jay 1 - played by Julianne Moor leads the rebellion with Katniss to destroy the games and the reign of President Snow.

Joanna Beauchamp Witches of East End - played by Julia Ormond
a mother cursed to live through many lives keeping her daughters safe by suppressing their powers to hopefully live a normal life.

Natalie, Divergent - played by Ashley Judd a mother revealing to her daughter that she is also Divergent and has had to hide it to keep them all safe and helps her daughter to fight against the division of factions.